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RenFei Commercial lighting

The company is specialized in providing city lighting planning, planning and design of city landscape lighting, building facades and lighting environment planning and design, intelligent lighting control and management planning and design company, as the city environment lighting planning and design services. 
The company's main products are high pole lifting lamp, road lamp, stainless steel lamp, landscape lamp, garden lamp, lawn lamp, wall lamp, buried lights, flood lights, spot lights, underwater lights, stigma lights, palm lights, imitation plant lights, digital lamp, LED lamp, solar lamp and other dozens of road the lamp series of nearly 10000 varieties of products, all-round to meet the diverse needs of the market.
At present, lighting companies face fierce market competition environment, always adhere to the science and technology innovation products first, constantly improve the technological content of products, and make products with exquisite workmanship, safety and energy saving, convenient installation, long service, beautiful features, products are widely used in all kinds of key projects of city construction, to improve the timely pre-sale, sale customer service, service to customer satisfaction.

  • Strength

    Brand has a long history,
    quality assurance,
    intelligent lighting
    experts around you

  • Guarantee

    Super energy saving, saving
    money, long life, more worry
    Light efficiency, easy to
    apply, multi-color
    temperature, multi choice

  • Advantage

    Safety + save money +
    comfort + environmental
    protection Policy support,
    quite you in the end

  • Support

    360 degree full support,
    let you sit back and relax

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